Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Far From You by Lisa Schroeder

Far From You              [4stars.jpg]  

Written by Lisa Schroeder                                  
Paperback released January 5, 2010
Published by Simon Pulse                                       

Far from YouSummary from Goodreads:
"Lost and alone...down the rabbit hole

Years have passed since Alice lost her mother to cancer, but time hasn't quite healed the wound. Alice copes the best she can, by writing her music, losing herself in the love of her boyfriend, and distancing herself from her father and his new wife.

But when a deadly snowstorm traps Alice with her stepmother and newborn half-sister, she'll face issues she's been avoiding for too long. As Alice looks to the heavens for guidance, she discovers something wonderful.

Perhaps she's not so alone after all..

My Thoughts:

I read this book last year, but I read it before I started my blog so I haven't reviewed it yet.  I had to post the cover from the paperback edition because it is SO beautiful!!  I think it really captures the tone of the book.  If you do not know what the book is about then you would probably assume from the cover and the tag line "Do you believe in angels?" that it is about angels.  There is talk of faith and guardian angels and Alice(main character) looks to Heaven for help when things are bad, but this book is mainly about family, grief, and love.

Alice is our main character and narrator.  Her mother died of cancer a couple of years ago and Alice is still unable to accept that she is gone.  Her father has moved on with his life.  He has remarried and has a newborn daughter.  Alice feels like an outsider in her home and cannot bring herself to embrace her new family.  She resents Victoria (stepmom) and doesn't want much to do with her new half-sister.  Alice clings to her boyfriend Blaze, her best friend Claire, and her music.  Things change for Alice when she is forced to take a road trip with Victoria and the baby.  While driving they are caught up in a massive snow storm and are stranded in their car.  In order to survive this ordeal Alice must work with Victoria, confront her own pent up emotions, and trust her faith.  The dire situation Alice finds herself in begins a journey of discovery for her that is profound and touching.

This is the first book I have ever read that was written in verse.  At first I admit I was skeptical that so few words could convey a story properly.  After reading the book I can say that Lisa Schroeder did an amazing job!  The verse was poetic and beautiful and it conveyed only what was necessary to the characters and the story.  The book is Alice's journey back to life (in a sense) and the rebirth of a family.  The issues the book deals with are heavy, but the story is told so beautifully that you really don't want to put it down.  This was a very quick read for me (a day!) and I look forward to future work from this author.


  1. OH GOODNESS this is the only book (I think) that I have not read of Lisa's I LOVE LOVE her writing! Awesome review!!

  2. Nice review! This book sounds good...I just reviewed I Heart You, You Haunt Me today :)

  3. I might pick this one up. FAB review

  4. Nice Review!! I have seen this one in the stores before.

  5. Hi there =) I'm visiting your blog from the Saturday Network. This is one of the book that has been in my wishlist for a very long time (Along w/ the other two by Lisa Schroeder). I've never read any books written in verse before as well, but the whole good reviews about them make me very eager to give it a shot.