Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Nine Paths To Chloe King: Paths 2 &3


I hope that all of you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!  I did plenty of relaxing- which was my goal!  The holiday is over and I am once again back on my quest to find The Uniter!  I received a mysterious package from the Fedex guy today and was surprised to see that it was from ABC Family.  Another clue!!  Inside the black jewelry box with a small note that had Mai symbols on one side and on the other it read: "To unmask the ancient Mai script, seek the Bastet in your Book of Mai.  A secret waits beneath.  Tweet the decoded message using #TheUniter."  There was also a silver cat charm included in the box!  So I went to the Book of Mai and used the Mai alphabet to decode the symbols on the clue card and it said : The Uniter is Chloe King.  PATH 3 COMPLETED!

Path 2 clues were given to me on Friday and they lead me to a YouTube video about the Mai.  You can check out the video HERE.

Don't forget that you can play The Nine Paths To Chloe King along with me!  You will have the opportunity to win some prizes and maybe even score the GRAND PRIZE.... a trip to the set of The Nine Lives of Chloe King!  I will also be providing you secret code words a few times throughout the 3 week game that will unlock free gifts and extras for you- so keep an eye out on my site or in the Storify feed box on the game's web page.  Click HERE if you would like to play.

Here is a sneak peek at ABC Family original series The Nine Lives of Chloe King which premieres on June 14th at 9/8c!  Enjoy!!

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