Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update: The Nine Paths To Chloe King Game: Paths 4,5,6,7 & 8

First, I would like to apologize for my absence around the blog lately.  The end of the school year is my absolute busiest time and I have been really struggling to get anything done outside of my mountain of paperwork!  However, I have made time to play this game (my posts are a different story!).  If you haven't started playing yet, you are really missing out.  The Nine Paths To Chloe King is in full swing.  We just completed the 8th Path today- but don't worry- you can still join in the fun!  The latest two challenges give you passwords that give you access to cool game related goodies!  So now I am going to break down the Paths I haven't posted about yet....

Path Four:
For this Path we were asked to remove the baby bib from the gamebox and look it over carefully.  Upon inspection I noticed the Mai symbol for TRUST~
 Along with the symbol, there was a website  When you went to that site it asked for a vendor code and after typing in TRUST you were directed to a video showing Chloe running from someone who doesn't seem to have the best of intentions.  If you want to see the video for yourself, just type head over to the site using the link above and type in the code : TRUST.

Path Five:
The Fifth Path had the Circle hitting Twitter to stop 'the deceiver'.
The Prophecy warns, "The Fifth Path will shine light on a deceiver.  The Circle must keep an eye on this imposter and slow his chase by creating many false roads away from the one."
The Mai told us that the deceiver Batko614 was on Twitter searching for information about Chloe.  We were instructed to lead Batko614 on a trail of lies and lead him away from The Uniter.  The Circle was successful and we were rewarded with a hidden video (found by searching "Chloe's Crush" on Google) revealing a glimpse into Chloe's life.  Check it out!

The Sixth Path:
The journey down the Sixth Path took us to The Uniter's hometown of San Franciso.  The Clue for this path came from the Fedex guy!  The package the Circle received contained a t-shirt bearing the Mai symbol for DANGER, along with a note.  The note told us:
"The enclosed garment will lead you down the Sixth Path. You must examine it very closely to hear what you need to hear. Try to remember every detail you discover along this Path.
We need you to report what you hear back to the Mai via Email in order to receive the last challenge of this dangerous Path."
After looking over the shirt I noticed a phone number was printed on the inside at the bottom (1-877-789-1390) and an extension number was printed on the inside near the collar (x.99).  So I called the number and after a long pause (I thought I had dialed the wrong number!) a voice recording started.  I listened to it and then emailed our Mai contact for further instructions.  I was told to post a voice recording or transcript of the message here for my followers.  There is a hidden password within the message that will release a Mai t-shirt for you!  The password is already out, so I will go ahead and tell you that you need to go to the game's website ( and type the word 'THREAT'  into the code box in order to claim your Mai shirt!  Here is a transcript of the voice message.
"We believe the Uniter is here, in San Francisco. If this girl is, in fact, The Uniter, remember she has nine lives. You must eliminate this threat. One word of caution, it has come to our attention that a group called The Circle is helping the Mai. Do not allow them to get in your way. I repeat: Do not allow The Circle to get in your way. Eliminate the threat."
The Seventh Path:
This Path's clue came from the Fedex guy.  The Circle received a package containing a business card and a ballpoint pen.  Both items featured Rezza Capital.
The Prophecy tells us, "By the end of the Seventh Path the Circle will be prepared to see the face of The Uniter's greatest Foe."
When we received our MaiPads, they contained a locked media folder.  I have been so curious as to what's in that folder!!  Well, the wait is now over!  The emailed instructions we received told us that we could unlock our media folder, but we first needed the KEY.  The business card we received fit together perfectly with the envelope from the Ukranian Dept. for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child that came in my gamebox.  When you put the two items together they spelled out the word : HUNTER.  Yeah!!  That was the key I needed!  I went to the folder and unlocked it and inside was a video showing us the face of Chloe's greatest Foe.  Have a look!

So now we know who Chloe's greatest foe is.... Whitley Rezza!

Path Eight:
And today we received the clues for Path Eight (I can't believe we are almost done!).  It is obvious that The Uniter is being hunted and is in extreme danger and as her protector- we are too!  So the Mai sent us Protection charms.  We were asked to keep it close during the last two remaining paths.  
As foretold by the Prophecy, "The Eighth Path reveals a great and dangerous Foe who sets many traps as he hunts his target.  Only the Circle of Strangers can follow this deceptive path and uncover the truth."
Then we were told that there had been a breach in the Mai security system and our addresses may have fallen into the wrong hands.  We were asked to contact them immediately if any person or any organization attempts to communicate with us about The Uniter.  Well don't you know.... that's exactly what happened!  We received a postcard with Coit Tower in San Francisco on the front and a pretty nasty message on the back.  Check it out:

 I knew there had to be more to this clue, so I decided to try the signature as a webpage and.... I was right!  If you type in then you get to view this picture-
 It looks like a surveillance picture to me!  Not good!

*Now on to the goodies!!  If you would like to claim a Mai Protection Charm for yourself, just type in the password ' DECEPTION' into the Enter Code Box on the game's website.  For the official rules/details please check the game website as well.  Good Luck!

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