Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do You Want To Play "The Nine Paths To Chloe King" With Me & ABC Family???

 I received an email from ABC Family last week inviting me to participate in The Nine Paths To Chloe King game!  This game is a three week online adventure leading up to the premiere of the ABC Family original series 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King.  The show will debut on Tuesday, June 14th at 9/8c on ABC Family so make sure to set your DVRs.  I am so excited because I had so much fun last summer participating in the Pretty Little Liars Secret Keeper Game!  I received my Game Box yesterday and all I can say is.....  SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!  Take a look!

The box itself is awesome!  It is wooden with the Mai symbols carved on the top and when you slide the top off the underside of the lid has the show's logo carved in it.  The box contained a MaiPad ... aka~ an iPad 2 (WOW!!) loaded with information that will help me on my journey down the nine paths.  There were also various other items/clues that I will need as the game progresses.  I think that the coolest aspect of this game is that YOU (my lovely FOLLOWERS) get to play along and score prizes too!!!  The game started yesterday and unfortunately I was unable to get this post up until today because of work obligations, but don't fret because there is still time to join in the fun and maybe even claim a prize!  Here is how it works (I copied this info from the game's website):

On June 14th, 1995, a prophecy was discovered on a stone tablet in a remote cave near the Red Sea. Etched into this stone were Nine Paths -- instructions that lead the way to an amazing someone, known to many as The Uniter. Written in our ancient tongue, this Nine Paths Prophecy clearly states that we, the Mai, must first contact a select group of Humans — the Circle of Strangers.

It is written, "The Circle of Strangers must travel all Nine Paths in order to find The Uniter and help deliver a message of life or death."

You are a part of this select Circle. Only this group of humans can travel these Nine Paths and lead us to the one. We are honored that you stepped forward to take this journey, and we will do our best to guide you.

Every few days clues will be posted that will keep you traveling down the Nine Paths -- these paths will start at but take you across the internet and give you exclusive videos, photos, and more.

The first person to correctly execute the Nine Paths will win the GRAND PRIZE (subject to verification): a set visit to The Nine Lives of Chloe King !*

*Additionally, keep an eye on the Storify feed at the bottom on the game's website that will have posts from the network of participating bloggers (THAT WOULD BE ME!! :) The bloggers will be unlocking some free gifts (available while supplies last) and extras for you!!  You'll just need to check out my post on each of the nine path challenges I have solved and I will be giving you the secret code that you will need to claim your gift!  Just check out the site HERE!
Path One: Completed!!!

I completed the task for the first path and the reward for that is the secret code word my Lovely Followers will need to claim the first prize (while supplies last) and a peek at The Uniter Scroll!  The code word is Circle.  Just head to the game's website and look on the sidebar for the spot to enter the secret code word.  The Uniter Scroll is pictured below, so make sure to check it out too!

This game is going to be lots of fun, so I hope you will play along with me!  Welcome to the Circle!

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