Monday, November 9, 2009

Review Policy

I love to read!  I spend most of my free time between the pages of a good read or working on my blog. My blog is almost a year old and has grown so much!  I am more than happy to accept books for review from authors or publishers.  I recently acquired a Kindle, so I now accept e-books as well.   My site is dedicated to young adult books, so I will only accept and review young adult books or books that hold teenage appeal.  I enjoy paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and general ya fiction.  I am happy to participate in blog tours and book contests.  I am also happy to host author interviews!  My reviews consist of a synopsis of the book and my thoughts on the book's plot, character development, pace and overall appeal.  I value honesty and my reviews will reflect that!

At this time (1-18-11),  I have 870 followers.  I average 87 visitors and 138 average page views daily.  I will update these stats periodically!

I take promoting books very seriously! I do have a very busy life outside of blogging (school teacher and mother!), so I do not guarantee your book will be reviewed before its release date.  I do try and accomplish this, but sometimes life intervenes!  If you are interested in contacting me please email me at ( .  Thank you and happy reading!!!

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