Friday, November 27, 2009

Need by Carrie Jones


I have been wanting to read Need by Carrie Jones for awhile.  You know how it is, you have all these wonderful books on your shelf and you want to read all of them next!  Well, I hate that I waited so long to read this book!  It was so good!

From the inside of the book jacket:
 "Zara White suspects there's a freaky guy semi-stalking her.  She's also obsessed with phobias.  And it's true, she hasn't exactly been herself since her step-father died.  But exiling her to shivery Maine to live with her grandmother?  That  seems a bit extreme.  The move is supposed to help her stay sane... but Zara's pretty sure her mom just can't deal with her right now.
     She couldn't be more wrong.  Turns out the semi-stalker is not a figment of Zara's overactive imagination.  In fact, he's still following her, leaving behind an eerie trail of gold dust.  There's something not right- not human- in this sleepy Maine town, and all signs point to Zara.
     In this creepy, compelling breakout novel, Carrie Jones delivers romance, suspense, and a creature you never thought you'd have to fear."

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book!  I have read lots of books dealing with Fae creatures, but this is the first I have read about Pixies.  Who knew Pixies were so scary!  I really loved the mixture of supernatural characters in the story, there were pixies and a host of different shifters.  Too Cool!!  Zara's character was interesting.  She was dedicated to saving those who needed help through a number of human rights organizations, like Amnesty International.  The irony of that, is the fact that she was the one who needed saving.  Yes, she could take care of herself, but she also needed the help of those around her to save not only herself, but the innocent victims being harmed.  I also fell completely in love with Nick!  He was so tough, yet so gentle and he showed a vunerability that was endearing.  His dedication to Zara made me melt and want a Nick for myself!  Her grandmother was totally cool too!  She was tough as nails, funny and super-protective.  She didn't baby Zara, instead she helped toughen her up!  One unexpected result from reading this book...I feel like I received a psychology lesson!  Zara was obsessed with phobias.  She could list them A to Z.  She felt like if you could name a fear, then you didn't have to fear it.  So whenever she was scared she would start rattling off phobias to deal with it.  I had no idea there were that many phobias!
     In conclusion, the overall pace of the book was quick and the author provided a good mixture of suspense, romance and humor.  The ending was not what I expected, but it defintely opens the door for the sequel, Captivate, that is due out January 5, 2010.  I look forward to finding out what happens next for Zara and the rest of the characters!


  1. I've had this book on my TBR pile for quite some time now. I might read this one next since you made it sound amazing.

  2. I can't wait 4 Captivate :D Loved Need. I know there was alot of phobias, some weird ones @ that :D

  3. Definitely! I loved how Carrie Jones included so many phobias. Glad you liked it, and I can't w ait to read Captivate as well! :)