Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update on my "MEGA-Swag and More" Giveaway!!!

First off... I have to thank all of you awesome book lovers out there that have already entered my giveaway and follow my blog! You guys are awesome and I truly love reading each and every one of your comments, so keep them coming.  Secondly (is that a real word?),  thanks to all of the authors/publicists that donated all of the awesome prizes.  You guys have really made this a phenomenal giveaway!!

Now let's get down to business....... I just added more loot!!!  That's right ladies and gents, there are now more prizes to win!  I am including a Vampire Academy prize pack that will include the first two books in this awesome series by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy and Frostbite).  I just started putting together all of the prize packs and swag bags.  I didn't realize how much stuff I have for this contest!  At this point, I believe I have 17 packages ready to post with more still to be put together.  If you have ever had a contest that is open internationally, then you know what kind of expense I am looking at with up to 20 packages!  Its cool though, because I LOVE sending goodies to people.  However, I am a "highly paid"(insert laugh here) school teacher that only gets paid at the end of every month.   In order for me to be able to afford the post for all of these goodies I will be extending the contest until the end of the month.  The contest will now end on Saturday, May 1st at 12:00(noon) eastern time.  It's my birthday on the 1st and what better way to celebrate then mailing out presents!!  I am also going to be adding some of my handmade bookmarks to some of the prize packs and swag bags! I have included some pictures below of whats packed up, new goodies, and one of my bookmarks.  I really hope that you guys are cool with the extension, but money rules the world and my ability to mail out your goodies!  Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

I have included another form for you guys to add any extra entries on for tweeting/blogging about the extension and new prizes.  If you have not entered yet, then please go to the original giveaway post (click on swag pic under nav bar) and use that form.  This form is only for additional entries.