Friday, January 8, 2010

Eyes Like Stars: Theatre Illuminata, Act I by Lisa Mantchev

Eyes Like Stars (The Théâtre Illuminata: Act 1)[4stars.jpg]

Eyes Like Stars, Theatre Illuminata Act I is the debut novel by Lisa Mantchev and the first book in a planned series.  I have to say that I was in love with this cover the first time I saw it!  I am such a sucker for beautiful cover art and I will buy just about any book if the cover is beautiful or eye-catching- but this story was just as beautiful as the cover!                     
Summary from Goodreads:

"Enter Stage Right

All her world's a stage.
Beatrice Shakespeare Smith is not an actress, yet she lives in a theater.
She is not an orphan, but she has no parents.
She knows every part, but has no lines of her own.
Until now.

Welcome to the Théâtre Illuminata, where the characters of every place ever written can be found behind the curtain. They were born to play their parts, and are bound to the Théâtre by The Book—an ancient and magical tome of scripts. Bertie is not one of them, but they are her family—and she is about to lose them all and the only home she has ever known.

Lisa Mantchev has written a debut novel that is dramatic, romantic, and witty, with an irresistible and irreverent cast of characters who are sure to enchant the audience.

Open Curtain"

My Thoughts:
What an interesting and unique book!  Lisa Mantchev's writing flows perfectly and is just brilliant!  The pace of the story was good and the plot was so unique, I found myself glued to the book!  The cast of characters are incredibly engaging and written with depth.  Most of us will recognize the characters in the book from famous plays throughout history, but Lisa Mantchev still managed to give them a fresh voice!  The fairies from "A Midsummer's Night Dream" add the perfect amount of humor and mischief, while the characters of Ariel from "The Tempest",  Ophelia from "Hamlet" and Nate from "The Little Mermaid" add the perfect combination of intrigue, romance and mystery.  It is truly beautiful storytelling!!   The plot is full of twists and turns and keeps the reader engaged and guessing which way the story will go next.  For readers that have an interest in theater, this book will delight and give the old characters from famous shakepearean plays new life and personality.  Readers that are unfamiliar with the theater may learn a thing or two!  I would highly recommend this book to not only the young adult audience but adult readers as well.  I am anticipating the next book in this series titled Perchance To Dream, Act II of the Theatre Illuminata which is due out in the fall of this year.  The cover was just released and it is just as beautiful as it's predecessor!


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading this. I love the covers *O*

  2. Great review! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Perchance to Dream's cover. And I agree with you on the unique characters, though it took me a while to actually understand what exactly the theater was like and what role the characters played in it. I'm not sure if I really liked the ending of Eyes Like Stars, but I'll definitely watch out for Perchance to Dream! :D

  3. I ADORE Perchance To Dream, Act II of the Theatre Illuminata COVER!!!!
    I have this on my TBR list :) Great Review!!!

  4. I have heard mixed opinions about this book. Nevertheless, I am going to read this book if I get my hands on it. I know I am gonna like it :)
    Love the cover too !!!!
    Great review :)

  5. Hooray for the next cover! It's GORGEOUS! I really liked this book and I'm excited for the next one!

  6. Ooh, I LOVED this book. It was so unique that I just devoured it.