Monday, December 7, 2009

The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger


The Seven Rays is the unbelievable debut novel from author, Jessica BendingerThis may be her first novel, but she is no stranger to producing hits among the young adult audience!  Aside from writing this mesmerizing book,  she is a successful Hollywood screenwriter.   She wrote the cheerleading hit movie "Bring It On"  and she wrote and directed the gymnastics movie "Stick It".  I believe Jessica Bendinger knows what teenagers like and I am confidant that they will devour this book and demand seconds!!!!!

Summary from
When seventeen year-old honors student Beth Michaels starts receiving gold envelopes with messages like, YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE, she thinks that a crazy person might be stalking her. When she begins seeing people’s thoughts, feelings, and personal histories on their electromagnetic fields, she thinks that she might be a crazy person. And then when the hottest boy in town, Richie Mac, kisses and becomes obsessed with her, she knows that something’s up.
But she can deal with all of that until her mom gets freaked out by her erratic behavior and sends her to a psychiatric institute for observation. It is here where Beth finds out that she was adopted under mysterious circumstances and perhaps has supernatural powers. Now all she has to do is break out of the ward – with Richie’s help – and road trip to New York to discover who she really is and why all this is happening to her…
Is it possible that Beth might be more than she thinks she is?

My Thoughts:
When I reflect back on this book, one word comes to mind... WOW!  I enjoyed every page of this incredible read!  The story was highly original.  This is the first paranormal romance that I have read that dealt with this subject matter.  It was truly unlike anything I have ever read.  This novel is a beautiful coming-of-age tale.  There is the perfect mix of 'tingley' romance (you'll get that reference after you read the book!), page-turning suspense (Will they make it in time?) and knee- slapping humor (thanks to the main character Beth)!  The characters truly came to life on the pages.  I really enjoyed the voice given to Beth.  She was super smart, brave, compassionate and really funny!  I feel like I got a lesson in teenage slang reading this!!  I guess that kinda leaks my age- high school was over a LONG time ago for me ( 18 years ago!) and although I teach in public school, I'll be the first to admit that I am not up to date on a lot of that lingo!  My 18 year old neice says my texts to her are hilarious because I usually spell everything out and then have to text her back and ask her what the heck she just said to me in her text! I digress....
     A heads up for parents or younger readers.... there is quite a bit of sexual content in this book.  There is no sex, but there is talk about sex, condoms, sexual tension and a REALLY steamy make-out scene involving Beth and Richie ( her boyfriend/major hottie!) that may send you into a cold shower after reading!  So younger readers or those easily offended by sexual content might want to consider what I said before reading this book.
     Overall, I would (and already have) recommend this book to others that enjoy a good paranormal romance!  There are so many areas touched on in this book that directly affect many teenagers and young adults.   We see Beth struggle with love, forgiveness, family, friendship and self-discovery.  She sets off to find the true purpose of her life and her destiny.  This story wraps up all of those themes in such an awesome package!  I am so anxious for the sequel (which is said to be in the works! :] )  If you like paranormal, mystical stories or just plain good books- then go check this book out!  I doubt you will regret it!  Happy Reading!!


  1. I just read that Selena Gomez is being considered to be in the movie. It just came out and already a movie...Wow! I really want to read this book though, it sounds really good.

  2. Oh neat! This is going on my reading list.

  3. Thanks so much for your review! Because of the sexual content I don't think I'll buy it, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for it in the library.

  4. This looks so great! Thanks for the glowing review.

  5. Just found your blog and am happy i did because I'm interested in seven rays but haven't read any reviews until now, I'm really excited about it.
    Thanks for the review